Perspectives on Legalizing Cannabis

Perspectives on Legalizing Cannabis

By Bala Poduval The states of Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis (both medicinal and recreational) through voter… Read more »


Space Weather

By Tim A. Howard The influence of changing conditions in the near-Earth environment on the technological systems… Read more »


Self-Organized Criticality in the Universe

By Markus J. Aschwanden Self-organized criticality is a theoretical concept that describes the statistics of nonlinear processes…. Read more »

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Human Evolution is in Our DNA

By C.A.P. Saucier Lucy, the 3.2 million year old fossil, is the most celebrated hominid fossil discovered… Read more »


The First Muons at the Large Hadron Collider

By Michael E. Peskin The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest particle accelerator, or scientific equipment… Read more »


Geological Time Scale

By J. D. Macdougall The Universe originated in a big bang about 13 billion years ago and… Read more »


Journey out of solar system

By Edward C. Stone February 21, 2011 Edward C. Stone is the project scientist for the Voyager… Read more »


Elementary Particles

By Staff Writer A particle that is not known to be made of any other particle can… Read more »


Fundamental Forces of Nature

By Staff Writer There are four fundamental forces in nature, Gravitational, Electromangtic, Weak and Strong, that are… Read more »